Are you totally confused? Have no idea what on earth you should be eating, given all the utterly conflicting recommendations? 

Do you know (or think you know) perfectly well what you should be eating, but can’t make yourself stick to it? 

I am a diet whisperer.

We can do together what you can’t do alone.

First I listen. I listen not just to what you are eating but what you are feeling, what you are doing, and who you are doing it with. We’ll talk about your needs, dreams, feelings, beliefs, and habits. And we’ll talk not just diet but also sleep, exercise, and the health of your relationships. 


And then I ask questions. What have you tried before? What are your priorities? What are your sticky places? 


And then I recommend.


With me, it isn’t all kale and quinoa. Different bodies need different things. Sometimes diet is the cause, and sometimes it’s the symptom. Usually it is both. I’ll help you figure out where to enter the vicious cycle and how to break it. Step by step, we’ll find changes you can actually stick with. 


Someone who’s seen me work once described me as “positively Sherlockian” in my ability to notice relevant information and link seemingly random data with obscure information and come up with a “have you looked into this” that opens doors that have been locked, sometimes for years. 


Email me at to set up a FREE initial consultation.

Let me help you get unstuck.


Diet Whisperer DC